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How can I sleep

With your voice in my head

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The Devil's handmaiden
18 January 1979
My pen_name came from the world for Lord of death, i was working as Nightwing before ffnet decided it didn't like me any more so i thought and as i was working with her at the time i took one of my characters names hence Seraphim (for the group) and Grace for the character who was in turn named for the Jeff Buckley Album because i was listening to that when i named her.
I write lots and lots and primarily work with the following pairings, in Weiss Kreuz AyaxCrawford but in SideB AyaxChloe (sometimes this overlaps in my work), OmixNagi, and i think Ken's straight otherwise explain Yuriko, hmmm. In GW i am an unabashed 1x2x1 shipper, and although i can write Duo with Trowa he's thinking of heero.
i have a sick sense of humour, which i'm sure most of you have noticed and enjoy writing stories that get "messy" where everyone ends up making every one else miserable.
I write Dean/Castiel in Supernatural and often play on the darker side of fic, but there is a part of me that's pure crack.

If you wish to convert my fic into pdf/audiofic/language of your choice I hereby give you permission, however let me know you're doing it and when it's done I'll post a link on my page too

I am open to being friended, I don't mind and i will friend you back, but please leave a note so i notice.

ABJD sewing patterns available here
you can email me and ask for commission work and I'll try, I'll only charge you if the pattern works and then it would be the same as if you purchased it normally.

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User Number: 6752728
Date Created:10/04/05
Number of Posts: 220

A whispery creature born in the dark places and determined to cause havoc. She is the symbol of the overeducated and bored. Often seen lurking around libraries and art galleries and will sometimes create stories to amuse her listeners. Easily caught but impossible to keep.
Strengths: Works in a muselike tendency causing great outpourings of work in a short period of time.
Weaknesses: Leaves the user drained and continual use will lead to insanity.
Special Skills: Tenth dan master of dimac learned at the feet of Hugo Rune.
Weapons: Razor sharp tongue, incredibly sharp hearing. Is known to bite the hand that feeds it.
Motto: Liberate tuta me ext cadacii

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I offer a defriending amnesty
that means if you want to go I'm not going to email you screaming "Why don't you like me" like Mika

please click on my dragons - thank you

I have a novel published with eternal press (www.eternalpress.ca) called East of the Sun from the 7/7 under the name Tessa Buxton, and a short story coming with them in November called Fey
There is a distinct original author journal under queenscarnival pop in and say hi
I have a distinct website for it too www.tessabuxton.co.uk

Tessa Buxton at ManicReaders.com
abyssinian, adding stupid interests, akito, angel sanctuary, angst, anime, art, aya, batman, bishounen, buchou touches bonsai, chloe, clamp, clover, cosplay, crack, crack pairings, craft, crawford, crawford/aya, criminal minds, dcu, dick grayson, dn angel, dollfie, doujinshi, dragons, egg defenestration, fan fiction, fan-fic, fanfic, fanfiction, ficlets, ficlets on demand, fics, fruits basket, fuji, fuji's ball control practice, fuji's phallic cactus, fujimiya aya, fullmetal alchemist, fushigi yuugi, gene marshall, gensomaden saiyuki, gensoumaden saiyuki, gravitation, great overlord koyasu, gundam wing, haiku, hail koyasu!, homo momo, hotchner, icons, inappropriate use of scanners, inappropriately touching teammates, inuyasha, jane austen, japanese culture, john peel, kawamura's porn stash, kazuya minekura, koyasu takehito, loveless, manga, meine liebe, mihorogi, minekura kazuya, miso, mount fuji, msd, nightwing, non-transparent glasses, oracle, phallic cacti, philip k. dick, pirate radio, ponta, reading, riddick, robin, roy/ed, royxed, rupert brooke, sadistic tendencies, sailor moon, sailor moon live action, saiyuki, saiyuki gaiden, saiyuki reload, saiyuuki gaiden, saiyuuki reload, sandman, satire, schwarz, sd13, sea, seigaku's pillar, shakira(good grief control yourself), shounen-ai, shouting in engrish baby!!!, side b, sideb, slash, squeeing, takatori reiji's sideburns, tatsumi, teen titans, tempest, terry pratchett, tezuka, tezuka perving on fuji, tezuka's crotch, tezuka's one expression, tezuka's suspicious pillar stroking, tokyo babylon, tori amos, tsuzuki, tuxedo kamen, tuxedo kamen sama, tuxedo mask, velvet under world, velvet underworld, viridian5, volks, watari, weiss, weiss day, weiss day fic exchange, weiss kreuz, weiss kreuz gluhen, weiss kreuz yaoi, weiss side b, weiß kreuz, weiß kreuz glühen, weiß side b, weiβ kreuz, white day fic exchange, writing, x/1999, yami no matsuei, yaoi, you higuri, youkai world reclamation, zero sum

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