The Devil's handmaiden (seraphim_grace) wrote,
The Devil's handmaiden

I've been quiet here because I've been mostly procrastinating on tumblr

but I just got a lovely ask from a girl who was surprised about my fic because she read a lot of them in one go but everyone assured her I was a terrible badfic writer and that I have that reputation, but she found that "everyone was wrong"

I've had encounters before where I've been accused of this, when asked to help another writer with something a fan of the story she wanted help with came out of the word-work to warn her that I was a notorious badficcer, to which she replied actually I've read her work she's very good.
the fan then came back to me a few days later and apologised.

So I'm wondering wth is going on?
I've seen it in regards to "Immortal Beloved" which is Godstiel and people have said oh I didn't read that she's a terrible badficcer
but I'm wondering if that word doesn't mean what I think it means.
Like Chartreuse sounds like it should be a reddish shade of purple but is actually vomit green.

I've been told I write fics which are bad in the sense that they rip out your heart and stomp on it kinda way, but that's a different thing altogether.
And so I'm left wondering a) wth, surely you lot would tell me, right, and b) if that reputation for taking risks and writing darkfic has gotten muddled with badfic

but the other thing is that this reputation seems to have started about the time I published "Rivers of Babylon" in which Sam is dead. In Immortal Beloved Sam is mostly absent. In World Enough and Time Sam is corrupted.
I'm wondering if these two things are connected, that in writing primarily Dean fics which explore loss and fear - especially in regards to his brother, and then finally writing Sam centric and making him a villain-ish, that I've gone and poked the samgirls again.

Every other fandom I play in I get well recieved (probably because I can spell) Supernatural treats me like some sort of pariah. I'm just thinking that perhaps someone is spreading shit behind my back.
Oh well, considering how many comments I get on here and ao3 telling me how surprise that they were that the fics I had written were not badfic and that I was actually very good, I think I might be winning that row too.

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