The Devil's handmaiden (seraphim_grace) wrote,
The Devil's handmaiden


I have a tumblr here but it's quite random but I can't get over the amount of wank
seriously, they have a different wank thing every day and the vast majority of them are brain breaking
I'm not even following that many blogs!

wank topics this week that I noticed
Whether or not casting Benedict Cumberbatch counted as race fail just in case he was Khan, despite the fact that Khan was custom made in a bottle and could have been bright blue (like an andorian)
cliched characterisation - this involved name calling, I swear
there was practically pistols at dawn over the correct use of an apostrophe
How Sterek was illegal and pedophilia because Stiles was 16 (actually I think he's 17 in canon now)
how being mean to Scott in Teen Wolf was racist, especially the scene where Stiles gives Scott water in a dog bowl - but yet when Scott does worse things it doesn't count

and the thing is that the wank trolls are often so blatantly wank trolls, they're stubborn not listening and when they get stuck they start name calling accusing people of ableism (I still don't know what that is) or being racists, pedophiles, nazis
and when they are blatantly out argued they result to reaction gifs and it becomes apparent that they are not listening and they all have very similar user names and I wouldn't be surprised if they were just sock puppet accounts

but you know me, I can't bear people saying stupid things so I poke the trolls, I can't help it.
And the funny thing is rather than have people not follow my blog, it goes the other way around, I got a kudos on the blog for being patient and trying to explain stuff.

but seriously, I never used to get caught up in the trolling, now I am right in the thick of it, and although I want to go around going YOU ARE ALL SO STUPID I think I like it - why else would I keep poking them

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