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Today's Recipe - Anxiety reducing low carb chocolate.

Yes, you read that right, it's the holy grail of recipes and to make matters better - it's so easy a child could make it (with adult supervision that they don't burn themselves)
and it makes a wonderfully expensive looking gift!

You will need!
1 large bar of 75% cocoa dark chocolate (I rec Green and Black's for this) buy the best you can find, it makes all the difference believe me. It's best not to just skimp and get cooking chocolate for this.
1 tsp of lavender flowers
1 bottle rose essential oil
1 bottle lavender essential oil
1 ice tray

to make
take one pot of boiling water and place a bowl resting over it, so the bottom of the bowl is heated by the water - or a bain marie if you've got one.
melt the chocolate in the bain marie stirring constantly. 75% chocolate is very low sugar and we won't be adding any more, and none of it is processed so if like me you're on a low carb plan it's perfect, it comes in at something like 10g per 100g which is well below the GI tolerance of 40.
add the lavender flowers (dried is okay if it's all you can find) stirring continually
Add 5 drops of lavender oil and 10 drops of rose oil
stir thoroughly

if you have left over flowers sprinkle them into the bottom of the ice tray, this will impress them on the top of the chocolates.
pour the chocolate into the ice tray as evenly as you can. This is a bit of a trick because the bowl is hot, so be careful not to burn yourself.
bring down to room temp and then stick in the fridge. Once they are completely set you can stick them in the freezer to keep sticky mitts off them.

Turn out of the ice tray for pieces which are two bite sized, the combination of the lavender, rose and chocolate is very relaxing and no one needs to know just how easy they are to make, and so put in little boxes they make a wonderful (cheap) gift of connoisseur chocolates. They will make you appear like an awesome hostess if you put them out on a tray and cost so much less than fairy cakes to make. And well, when someone says you can't eat that it's mostly sugar you can be secure in the knowledge that actually it's not, it's very healthy and tastes great too.
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