The Devil's handmaiden (seraphim_grace) wrote,
The Devil's handmaiden

Project Runway

I hate this season
I hate the team thing, it means I have no idea what peoples aesthetic is and all it does is make everyone look really bitchy
I know it's editted like that to build tension but it just translates as we are all bitches
I normally notice the winner (or in some cases fan winner not show winner) by about ep 2 and I'm pretty accurate although Gretchen did sneak by me
and I think it's going to be Michelle but no promises there, but here's the thing, I can't stand Layana
now normally this would be I don't like her aesthetic or she's being shown (like Ven was) in an unfavourable light and I don't like it, but no, I've come to the conclusion that even when the show is trying to show her as nice she's coming off as two faced and if there is one thing in this universe i can't stand it's two faced manipulative bitches
you know me, I wear my feminism proudly and she is the sort of woman who gives women a bad name because she is pretty and she knows it so she plays pretty and dumb and whines her way into getting her own way and then throws everyone else under the bus when she gets it wrong. There is nothing wrong with a woman being strong enough to get her own way or even a woman who uses her femininity as a weapon, but a woman who is manipulative, sly and backhanded - grrrrrr
the other girls on the show are strong enough to turn around and say this is my opinion, but she's all, I like your opinion but i think it would be prettier if it was mine, and if it was mine we'd win, you know that, a big strong man like you you're bullying me by not letting me have my own way, look I am so pretty and doe eyed and I don't speak english well when it looks like i might have to take culpability.

I knew so many girls like this, I know so many women like this, and I hate it. Be who you are all the time, admit your mistakes and your opinions, if that's wearing flouncy pink dresses or hob nail boots do it- hell wear them together, but don't say one thing to someone's face and something else behind their back - that's bad karma that collects and you won't like it when it blows up in your face.
so yes, she bugs me
and her clothes are ugly

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