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seriously you know something is wrong when even your spots are out to… - How can I sleep [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Devil's handmaiden

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[Mar. 22nd, 2013|03:13 am]
The Devil's handmaiden
seriously you know something is wrong when even your spots are out to get you
no really

it's thursday - aka halo night, so expecting an influx I made a moussaka (very yummy btw) and then they decided that it wasn't a good night for halo so instead of invading they went out for dinner, but didn't tell me until i put the freaking thing in the oven
so slightly pissed - understandably, (sorted out my portion put rest in freezer - your loss suckas!) but played tomb raider for a bit and throwing her off tall buildings will never not be stress reducing, getting her up there is stress causing (actually in this game not so much you never feel threatened, however how many minions are there on the island??? and it's been twenty years and she still steers like a shopping trolley, you point her in one direction she goes where the hell she likes) had a nap, got up and noticed I had a zit
a zit that once I noticed it hurt like the burning of a thousand suns
so i went to the bathroom to put some witch hazel on it like a normal person, i dabbed it with the cotton pad and SPLOOSH it exploded, all over the mirror, it was disgusting, and I managed to get witch hazel in the open wound - which then wouldn't stop bleeding.
and not just a large drop, running down my face oh my god i think i popped an artery bleeding
so it stung, there was blood everywhere and I had to get a band aid
so I get asked why I have a band aid on my nose - like adam freakin ant btw - and my house mate who was aware of everything that happened went - oh don't poke her when she's like this, even her zits are passive aggressive

i hate thursdays - really - it's like if it's going to go wrong it'll do it on a thursday
and now my nose hurts

From: nrrrdy_grrrl
2013-03-22 09:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you for sharing this food/acne post!
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